The Official Country
​Music Fan Club

My enjoyment for Country Music started back in the 90’s –However, my crazy, blood infused passion started in 1999 when my oldest daughter was selected by lottery to attend a LeAnn Rimes fan club party. At the time, we did not know what we were in for, but my husband Lou and I packed up our four kids (ages 9yrs old-6 months) and drove to Nashville, TN.

This was our first Fan Fare back in 1999 and we have been hooked ever since. We were amazed at how many Country Artists were in one place.  Artists were walking around mingling with fans, signing autographs, participating in charitable events and then entertaining us from their home of the ‘stage’ – Absolutely Amazing! It is still like that to this day as we know it as the CMAFest!

Myself and our oldest daughter Lindsey attended LeAnn’s fan club event and we were so excited to be part of this private party with a private show and watching LeAnn interact with the audience. LeAnn was charming, loaded with talent and topped our day off with a meet-n-greet. We felt like family, did not think it could get any better! LeAnn then introduces a new young artist – Brad Paisley…artist on the rise-making us feel right at home with his talent and wittiness. Little did we know what an opportunity we had right before our eyes as we have followed Brad as he became one of the most talented and respected artists of the Country Music industry.

While raising our family of 4 kids, we managed to attend shows all over the country – whatever fit our time and our budget of the moment. I have experienced shows from the best seats in the house, attended pre-show acoustic sessions, and attended more meet-n-greets than I ever imagined!

I soon realized what I wanted to do when I grew up----work in the Country Music Industry – however, not in the traditional sense. I always enjoyed bringing friends and family to shows and giving them the opportunity of great seats or meet-n-greets, I truly loved watching other people experience the same great time I always had at a Country Artist performance. One thing I learned thru the years, we Country Fans are loyal !! We love all the artists from Start Up to Fame and the whole package of Country Music excitement that goes with it!

So, I decided this is where my passion lies.  Connecting fans to have fun with other Country Music Fans, promote all aspects of Country Music and being able to offer special experiences within our Country Music world, thus: The Official Country Music Fan Club – not specific to any one artist, but to all the artists.  Lots of fun to be had!

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